iPhone 8 will have OLED display developed by Sharp

iPhone 8 will have OLED display manufactured by Sharp, but only one of the models could be launched this component.

Apple is preparing to launch iPhone 8 next year and a few days ago we told you that three models should reach global markets soon. A publication Asian states that would like to launch Apple iPhone 8 in versions that have screens of 4.7 inches, 5 inches and 5.5 inches, which is yet hard to believe by many.

The same publication comes today with other Asian clarifications on the iPhone 8, saying even her 8 Plus iPhone should come with an OLED screen, depending on the production capacity of Apple. Sharp to be the producer of these OLED screens for the iPhone 8, and depending on its production capacity models will be chosen and they will be included.

The information comes from Tai, president of Sharp, he was appointed to this position after Foxconn acquired Japanese company this year. Tai is a presidential Foxconn, and so far Apple presidents partner Asian companies have disclosed confidential information on various products still unreleased.

iPhone 8 will have OLED display developed by Sharpiphone-8

However, the iPhone 8 will have an OLED screen is not much of a surprise, but the choice of only certain models that take advantage of this technology could be an unexpected choice. Apple is still differentiates the various models of the iPhone for 2 years, and the iPhone 8 this trend could continue, expensive models can get me the biggest changes.

“IPhone has evolved steadily in recent years and now will make the transition from the LTPS OLED panels. We do not know if the new iPhone with OLED panel will be successful, but if Apple does not come this way and not turn, there will be no innovation. Apple is in crisis, and this is an opportunity for her. We will produce these panels OLED in a factory in Japan. We also we manufacture in the US, if we will ask Apple. ”

Finally, those from Sharp are willing to produce OLED screens for the new iPhone 8 including the US, this can be the first time Apple could terminals screens produced in this country. Of course, their price will be much higher than that of screens manufactured in Asia, so Apple will probably try to stay away from them.

iPhone 8 will be released next year, and separately the OLED, is to have a glass enclosure, integrated Touch ID under the screen, new camera and many other major changes.

Sci-Fi Games – Apple recommends us the best sci-fi games from the App Store

Sci-Fi Games is a new section for games published by Apple in App Store site, and the region through her we recommend the best Sci-Fi games designed for the iOS platform.

As you would expect, we are talking about games that center story imaginary and among the most popular titles recommended by employees of Apple include Robocop, Deus Ex: The Fall, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, plus dozens of titles.


Curious case of the iPhone 7 Pro

iPhone 7 Pro is one of those “mythical” Apple products which in reality does not exist and will not be released, at least not in 2016.

iPhone 7 Pro, this name began to be increasingly heard in recent days, this after a series of images seemed to show us three models of the iPhone in July, being presented as prepared for entry into mass production in autumn this year and many people have been taken completely by surprise by their promotion.

Launching an iPhone in category “pro” has been rumored for years and years, but so far failed to materialize, but that has not stopped many analysts affirm constantly that Apple wants to launch such a device for its users, although there is little evidence of the existence of such a terminal.

The first rumors

The first information on the launch of iPhone 7 Pro occurred early this year when the first mentioned the name of a rumor came directly from Asia, few people taking him seriously, considering that he does not seem to have any trace of logic behind, but the desire to create some discussion.

That rumor tells us that the iPhone 7 Pro will be an upgraded version of iPhone 7 Plus, he will have a Camera Dual and probably more RAM to support new recording functions Photo / video that Apple plans to implement to application Camera device.


That rumor had very little support until the appearance of photos from last week, the only serious mental based on prices iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Pro is mentioned among the terminals would be ready for sale by Apple, but this kind of information is easy falsifiable.

Separately from these indirect information, I did not see any special component for the devices, or any evidence of clear internal demonstrating that he is a real product and not just one of two versions of the iPhone 7 Plus that Apple has tested this year in order to launch.

iPhone 7 Pro  looks like when it launches?

We know without doubt that Apple wants to implement a Dual Camera in model iPhone 7 screen 5.5 inches, and the existence of this component was based on the emergence theory on the launch of the pro, many saying that Apple wants to offer professional features for recording in -a model dedicated professionals.

In fact, iPhone 7 Pro seems to be only one model of iPhone 7 Plus that Apple tested for launching on the market, the Cupertino trying to see if offering such a product would be appropriate if it can be produced in mass smoothly and if it can work as well in the real world.


I strongly believe that Apple has tested an iPhone 7 Plus with normal room and another model with Dual Camera and Smart Connector, and those who saw acasta second version were thought immediately that actually have in front version “pro” the iPhone 7, but in reality this is false as can be.

Apple experimenting with several models of smartphones that we launched on the market, and if the iPhone 7 Plus appears to have done exactly this model with Dual Camera, Smart Connector and probably 3 GB RAM is set to be tested by some engineers and partners.

Basically, from my point of view, iPhone 7 Pro does not exist and never existed, this being confirmed by the most famous leakster he publishing internal codes of iPhone 7, they are available in number 2, that is exactly for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Dual Camera, Smart Connector, 3 GB RAM and 256 GB

The three main features that should differentiate the iPhone 7 Pro for iPhone 7 Plus Dual Camera, Smart Connector and the 3 GB RAM available in the new chip A10, being interesting enough to convince many people to give up models inferior Sale by those from Apple.

Dual Camera would be made up of two image sensors 12 megapixels, probably similar to those of the iPhone 6S, but unfortunately it is not known what new functionality to be offered the idea to record videos at 360 degrees being mentioned by some, but with no real-world counterpart.


Smart Connector is a port implemented in the iPad Pro to enable quick connection of accessories tablet and it seems that Apple is testing its possible implementation, including the iPhone, a variety of rumors announcing its implementation this year, but for now nothing is 100% safe despite the information published.

3 GB RAM in a chip A10 again could give camera Dual, but also for the recording medium photo RAW terminals to Apple needing processing power high, and a face so potent would definitely be extremely praised by users for photo processing or video.

256 GB of storage in an iPhone is a dream for some and something extremely hard to believe for others, but it seems that Apple has taken, at least in calculating the potential launch of a product with so much storage space, but for now there is no information to suggest clear he would be available this year.

Of course these should be supported hardware updates and changes on the software, but at the moment there are no other details that tell us what we see in iOS 10 for iPhone 7 species Plus with dual camera.

It requires models “pro” of the iPhone?

Apple has a long history in terms of product launches that have the name “pro” and here we are talking primarily about Macs, because only last year appeared first models pro the iPad, they replacing though some earlier that the Cupertino dropped to cease updating after falling sales.

Launching the first iPad tablets Series “pro” came as an attempt by Apple to increase confidence and people’s interest in these products, but also to convince the business community to buy iPads, but if the iPhone is not yet needed such a marketing strategy.

Yes, iPhones record sales weaker this year, but that after eight years constant growth and Apple does not need a desperate measure to increase sales, as was required in the case of tablets iPad, sales evolution of which one negative for almost two years and things appear to be changing for the better.

The world does not need models yet “pro” of the iPhone and I do not think Apple will launch soon.

Since the rumors maintain interest for the goods to be launched on the market, the people at Apple have nothing to lose in their appearance, so they probably encourages her some partners to throw all sorts of information internet only for the iPhone 7 to be the center of attention in the world every single day.

Even though Apple will not launch iPhone 7 Pro, I hope the iPhone 7 Plus with dual chamber really be as good as we presented in rumors.

iPhone 7 will look like iPhone 6S, here’s why

iPhone 7  vs iPhone 6S show that some design changes were implemented, but they will not even be as strong as many hoped.

iPhone 7 will show that the iPhone 6S and it is clear as can be, especially if you watch closely the latest rumors and leak sites appeared in China, most information suggesting no doubt that Apple does not intend to bring any major change for design- the new iPhone or smartphone compared to 6S.

No one knows for sure what lies behind the strategy Apple’s iPhone 7, but it is clear that change will not be essential word for the new temrinal 2016, Apple’s relying mainly on other weapons “secrets” that should help her -and break sales records set in 2015 for iPhones.

What is different between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S?

The video above appeared yesterday on the internet and it clearly shows that Apple did not ever plan to make changes generate enormous new smartphone, only to give sufficient grounds for some to him choose over other terminals of competition.

Three years with the same design for a model of the iPhone is an atypical situation for Apple, but the company is in an unusual moment, the first drop in sales in 2016 bringing the iPhone terminals compared with a previous year’s fiscal quarter and many s I would have thought that this would motivate Apple to launch a serious upgrade, but this is not so.

iPhone 7 will have a case without antennas that separate into 3 distinct parts and will have an extra speaker instead 3.5 mm audio port, the largest hole camera and the camera is protected by casing, but outside of these four changes not there is absolutely nothing of note for the terminal.

Basically, we are not talking about major changes, but only about some tweaks meant to give the impression of something new, but a lot of people will be disappointed by the lack of news important, but this will not be reflected in sales, as people imagine many analysts, but some customers.

iPhone 7 and horde of customers who are upgrade


I think part of the safety Apple on the success of the iPhone 7 lies in the fact many clients will reach 2016 term subscriptions subscriptions mobile and will receive subsidies to buy their new model, the flow of customers bringing sales sustained year after year.

Apple is very dependent on its base of hardcore fans, that all those who buy annually every model of iPhone, but apart from them there is a very high dependence and to those who buy the terminals by operators and pay them in installments, and this does not only in the US but also in Europe, or Asia.

Separately, program selling iPhone in rates is very successful and many customers prefer to use it to buy most recent annual model and pay a small amount monthly for this benefit, Apple managed to attract millions of sales through this system, it will be extremely important in 2016.

Finally, remain of course those who simply want any new gadget appeared on the market and do not care how they look, or what there is in it, the idea of being cool motivating them to pay 2 or 3 times the price of the product only to have the very first day it was released, especially if they live in one of the countries where the launch takes place in the first wave.

End of a trend


A few weeks ago there were some rumors suggesting that the iPhone 7 will bring the end of a trend for Apple in the industry of smartphones, specifically the end of the era in which the US company launch every two years an upgrade to its smartphones , impossible to sustain.

The theory was that Apple may not launch every two years major improvement for its terminals because technologies fail to evolve fast enough to keep up with this strategy of upgrading and although everything related to the internal components of smartphones, it can be applied to design.

Apple has given every 2 years the tone changes in design for smartphones and changes made by her were taken by competitors, the housings and glass to aluminum ones, but since 2016 things will probably change for the better.

iPhone 7 will have a completely new design, but will have a multitude of changes in terms of technology, the Cupertino preparing a chip A10 processor performance, a camera Dual, a bigger battery and possibly a range of other changes to attract one way or the other customers.

Clients disappointed?

Yes, definitely there will be customers disappointed that iPhone 7 will look like iPhone 6S, but think that many will lament and refuse to buying only new smartphone based on a simple detail? Well, this will not happen and the world will rush to buy whatever iPhone 7 will look like at launch.

There are many people looking forward to have a new smartphone, and the design does not matter to even so many people, especially many hiding housing behind a cover or an accessory that makes it impossible deistingerea design or, including color.

The front panel of iPhones remained the same for years and years, and nobody complains, on the contrary, he calls iconic, so why would not there soon and a housing iconic line of smartphones Apple?

After years of design changes for iPhone, comes a time when things remain the same, especially as the current design brings a symmetry between the products of Cupertino, they resembling pretty much together, from iPhone to iPad even to Macs that have a colored aluminum casing.

My guess is that Apple risked in 2016 with an iPhone 7 without a design much different from that of the iPhone 6S and if your bet or successful, then there are chances that future changes in design to come once every three years, or maybe even less than that.

New images with the iPhone 7 Plus 7 to confirm the changes, some news shows

Real pictures with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus show room, cabinet, panel, Smart Connector and other important changes.

Just a day after the appearance of the sharpest images casing iPhone 7, here today we see images of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but this time we hand and a surprise on the functions that the Cupertino will implement for smartphones that will appear on the market in the fall.

The pictures below shows the frame and a front panel of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, being assembled to show us which design the two devices, but within them there are no components, such as not talking about terminals real but about two units comprise only external components.


We start with the iPhone 7 which as well know, will have a cover modified by Apple, it will come without antennas that separates casing iPhone 6S in three distinct parts, which is the biggest design change for housing implemented by the people at Apple.

Regarding the iPhone 7 camera talking about implementing a higher modulus, which either has an image sensor larger or have more megapixels, but so far no details on changing waters that the Cupertino going to give for this very important component.


Separately from these changes, we will have and eliminating port audio, plus the implementation of a second speaker, but these changes are not visible in images provided by a source Asian, but they will be available when the terminal will be launched officially on the market.

iPhone 7 Plus – Dual Camera, Smart Connector and reposition sensors

Now go iPhone 7 Plus and here know very well that Apple will implement this year a room Dual will most likely be made up of two 12-megapixel camera that right now Apple has implemented in terminals iPhone 6S iPhone 6S Plus, it will have an optical image stabilizer.

Moreover, the iPhone 7 Plus we have a Smart Connector, such as the iPad Pro, images confirming clearly this change, Apple will give us the ability to connect various accessories product or they will potentiate functionality general.

Separately from this, Apple will also reposition the proximity sensor and the ambient light, they will be moved from the central position they have in the iPhone 6S in a new position right speaker located in the center of the upper center panel .


Front camera will remain in the same position, ie the left speaker iPhone 7, but changing the position of the two sensors is most likely related to the implementation of Dual Camera, this being probably need some more space in the cabinet, so their removal is quite logical.

These prototypes of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were made based components to be used to manufacture smartphones Apple, so, theoretically, are exactly what we get when terminals will be officially launched, so there is little doubt about what Apple will launch in the fall.

That said, what do you think about the changes prepared by Apple?

Apple encourages organ donation in iOS 10

Apple will encourage organ donation starting with iOS in October, the US company integrating in application Health, a special option that will allow users to register with national organizations that monitor organ donors to specify whether they are for or against such actions after death.
The new system will initially be available exclusively in the US, a country that has already established simple protocols that allow people to register as organ donors whenever they want, now it can be done directly from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch when iOS 10 will be officially launched on global markets.

President of Apple, Tim Cook, said he is confident in the ability of the operating system to persuade more people to enroll on the list of organ donors, he bringing up the long period in which Steve Jobs waited for a liver to be available to him through such a program.

In the picture below you can see how the new subscription button list of organ donors in the US, Apple working in partnership with the American authorities to implement support for this function, the enrollment process is very simple.

“Apple Wants to Encourage millions of iPhone Owners to register as organ Donors through a software update That Will add an easy sign-up button to the health information Comes That app installed on the company Makes Every smartphone.

CEO Tim Cook Says He hopes the new software, set for limited release this month, Will help ease the critical shortage and longstanding donor.
“According to Apple, the new feature will be available starting this month for all those who test iOS 10 in beta format, so that by fall the Cupertino will have enough information available to resolve any system problems .

Organ donation is extremely important, as acts of this kind can result in saving hundreds, thousands or even millions of lives worldwide, so if you have the opportunity to readiness to will donate organs or not after death I recommend you do your gesture that could save or improve many lives.

iPhone 7 will have a larger speaker, ambient sensor relocated

iPhone 7 will be released by Apple with a speakerphone higher top of the screen, the change is implemented so that sounds can be played more clearly and with greater power while making phone calls to users. https://cnet3.cbsistatic.com/hub/i/r/2015/12/11/aae8010d-423a-4098-9ce1-8c0b99283d68/thumbnail/770x433/3c812889b2d076b2aaee6ff9a496ac40/iphone-7-concept-ciccarese.png

Separately speaker TLS increasing the size of telephone calls, Apple relocated including ambient light sensor in iPhone 7, it will be positioned on the right side of the speaker of the upper front panel now he is positioned in the diffuser. Moreover, the new sensor for ambient light of the iPhone 7 will benefit from a new technology used by Apple to be more accurate than the model used in current versions of smartphones Apple, various existing partners of Cupertino is excluded from the supply chain this summer. Changes prepared by the Apple iPhone in July seem minor, but in reality we are talking about changes that will bedevil the world of accessories for iPhones because many will be redesigned to work smoothly with the new smartphone Americans.

Recently, Some manufacturers of LCD protection films have stopped receiving orders on Alibaba.com as iPhone proximity sensor ITS has seven on the front Changed to the dual specification in addition to the ambient light sensor on the side moving from the left side to the right while a slightly Longer receiver.

Protective films for displays current terminal iPhone will not be compatible with the iPhone 7 as they will cover part of the diffuser and ambient light sensor relocated, so there will be problems with closing the screen when the device is close to the ear, or hear properly all what interlocutors say. Basically many manufacturers will have to rethink their films and some skeletons brought to market since the iPhone 7 will not work with them, and those who already had some accessories such that they expected to use them with the new device will be forced to buy more. iPhone back in July while the camera has become Bigger iPhone 7 Plus Becomes back dual camera makes, iPhone 6s, 6s Plus iPhone cases Can not Be Used Also Likely That while it’s front LCD protection films etc. Can not Be Used for the new model.

Moreover, the camera iPhone 7 will be bigger than the iPhone 6S, while the new room of the iPhone 7 Plus will be dual, so none of the existing enclosures will not fit on the new terminal, so users will have to buy other accessories protective terminals. 7 iPhone speaker ambient sensor These changes will bring more money into the pockets of producers of iDevice accessories sites and leave more iPhone owners terminal without money after purchasing new handsets, Apple thinking quite well this change.

New MacBook Air @ WWDC 2016

MacBook Air will be released in August 2016 by Apple, according to sources close to the Cupertino, but unfortunately the new version of the laptop Americans will bring only minor changes to users, although this changes greater than expected. MacBook Air 2016 to be presented this month by Apple, most likely after WWDC 2016 launch in August but is rather strange considering that it would contain minor changes without a new design. Moreover, there is a chance as the new MacBook Pro 2016 still to be announced this month, but the latter product should be launched only in the fourth quarter, at a distance so huge announcement.

Given that the information did not quite match what makes Apple in general, the possibility exists that the MacBook Air 2016 to be released this month without notice, and MacBook Pro 2016 to be released only in autumn, after a presentation intro conference.

If the MacBook Air 2016 will indeed be a minor upgrade to the current line of MacBook Air when Apple will launch the product directly on its website and will only provide a press release, without organizing any conference in which to submit the because the whole world would have you present. For now no one knows what could bring new MacBook Air in 2016, but if the update will be minor, then we can only expect Intel processors, maybe more RAM and possible configuration new processor / RAM / graphics card, but nothing more .

Apple’s new Macs will have Thunderbolt ports, USB-C and 3 USB ports standard and will be removed with MagSafe 2 connector and 11-inch MacBook Air could be completely withdrawn from the product line of Americans.

Download Free Cydia Apps

For all the iPhone enthusiasts and fanatics who got their hands to the most up-to-date variant of iPhone lately, which will be the 5s, now can be your lucky day, as you are going to figure out just how simple would be to use the Cydia App Store to download Cydia programs free of charge. The Cydia App Store has lots of things in common using the Apple App Store, or even most matters, with a couple of exceptions sush as the origin of programs as well as their amount, and additionally, a rather large difference being the cost of programs. Even if you’re an extremely huge supporter of the Apple theory, you nevertheless need to give it a hint of yourself as well as customize the design of your iPhone 5s, and with the Cydia Program you can do this for free, as well as get numerous programs which generally are banned in the Apple App Store.
The single trick is the fact that to achieve this, you should jailbreak your iOS apparatus, and from then on it is possible to use Cydia as much as you would like to reach your targets. Now, if youve already jailbreaked your telephone, and also you dont understand quite the best way to use Cydia to download the programs you would like, really these following measures will be invaluable for you personally.

What’s Cydia?

Above all, it’s extremely crucial that you learn and realize what Cydia is. Lets begin by saying that Cydia is a software which will enable one to install third party programs to your own iOs device. Cydia App Store is the spot where every programmer on the planet is permitted to develop and clearly upload his programs, including thousands and thousands of programs, mods, wallpapers, games, ringtones and tweaks, pretty much everything your telephone wants.
Tips on how to download Cydia
These are only a very few examples of what there’s on the marketplace, and additionally, while a few of the jailbreak tools are for free, a few of the aren’t.
How you can Upgrade Cydia
With every day that passes by, the technology is improving more and more and in once altering, but it’s not that difficult to stay on top of it or at least attempt. In case your Cydia needs upgrading or if it’s out dated, you’ll be seeing a message appearing on your own display when opening Cydia saying Update Crucial. The thing you must do is exploit on such a button and simply let your iOS apparatus do its job and wait, this being the simplest possible method for one to upgrade the most recent version of Cydia.
Tips on how to reinstall Cydia.
For many motives, or for no motives, there’s a small chance that Cydia mightn’t function or crash when opening it. The shrewd move to make in this situation is to reinstall it so the following thing will probably be for one to visit Saurik official web site and simply download the most recent Cydia DEB file, this being the quickest method to get your Cydia Installer free of charge. Next you must simply link your iOS apparatus to your own computer and just drag it to your own apparatus in the next path /private/var/mobile/files/ then all you need to do would be to get the DEB file out of your device, simply tap in the Installer button and then it’s going to reinstall itself.
After all this now you can train yourself by simply adding among the very desired Cydia repo, that being AppAddict
Tips on how to install free Cydia Programs
For quite a long time period, the top rated software for free programs was Installous but it doesnt exist anymore, regardless, you will find still plenty of other choices to get free programs including the following AppCake, HipStore,Zeusmos, vShare, Kuaiyong,iFunbox, Pandaapp, Apptrackr, and additional others. Last but not the very least, iFunbox and Pandaapp are both two impressive portal sites that let you install programs in the internet.

Addial Cydia Tweak for iPhone‎

Seemingly, it doesnt seem such as the Exploit-to-widgets thing is over yet as well as the man who made it all ultra popular, @rv1raj is out with a different tweak: Addial.

Addial adds a dialer shortcut to your own telling facility. Its actually somewhat redundant come to consider it but I believe some of us might actually find this a very helpful tweak.

In a burst of a hurry you may be exploiting at each thing except the dialer. Does it seem like you? May be Addial is the tweak you will need.

Briefly, Addial just sets two buttons in the iPhone telling facility. One is Dial Phone as well as another is Add Contact.

Addial Cydia Tweak Brings Telephone Attributes in NC

The’s especially designed with this function although wed undoubtedly want to find if theres an auto-prompt-like attribute when you type several amounts / may be, by expansion, the first couple of letters of a name.

The Add Contact is essentially a shortcut to the Add New Contact display inside the telephone program. Nifty in the event you continue adding lots of contacts, although not so if youre going to be adding a fresh contact once in a while.

Addial is a free Cydia tweak accessible on ModMyi repo.


Fast video how to make use of Addial to add new contact or phone any amount from NC:

Additionally take a look at our interview with all the tweak programmer of Addial as well as other tweaks which are on our NC.

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